RCI Points

More choices, more flexibility. RCI Points is a global points-based vacation exchange system that offers the ultimate in flexibility. As a member of the RCI Points program, you’ll have an array of choices for planning your vacations. You can decide where and when to travel, how long to stay, and how often to take trips. Go for just one night, a week, or longer. And pick whatever accommodations you like. It’s your choice!

There are so many ways you can use your Points:

  • Vacation at any of the more than 3,700 RCI-affiliated resorts in over 100 countries.
  • Stay a single night or longer at the hundreds of RCI Points resorts.
  • Choose the type of resort unit.
  • Save and borrow Points from year to year.
  • Use Points for airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and more.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Points:

20,000 Points

  • Take time away on a beach in Florida
  • Stay in a One Bedroom unit for 4 nights

30,000 Points

  • Enjoy 5 days in Western Canada's great outdoors during the Fall
  • 2 nights in a One Bedroom unit in Vancover
  • 2 nights in a One Bedroom near Banff National Park plus 2 days intermediate car rental

40,000 Points

  • Spend a long Summer weekend on a California Beach
  • 3 nights in a One Bedroom unit in Capistrano Beach
  • 3 days full-size car rental

Examples are for illustration purposes only. Points values subject to change

Not an RCI Points member? Call VRI toll-free 877-7POINTS (877-776-4687) for more information!

Existing RCI Points members call RCI at 877-968-7476.

Using RCI Points

RCI Points is the most innovative and exciting vacation program in the world today because it offers the greatest flexibility and the greatest value for your vacation ownership interest. As an RCI Points Member, you have the flexibility to choose from thousands of resorts around the world year after year as your vacation destination. And now you can choose where, when, and how long you want to go–a week, a weekend, a few days–the choice is yours. You can even use your Points for airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, golf excursions and much more! And with RCI Points, you’ll also continue to enjoy all of the benefits of RCI Weeks.

  1. Determine your Use Year
    • Your Use Year is the annually recurring 12-month period during which your Points must be used.
    • Points are assigned to you based on the date your RCI Points Membership begins.
    • Refer to your ownership documents to determine when your Use Year begins.
  2. Decide where, when and how you want to use your Points
    • Your home resort.
    • Another RCI Points-affiliated resort.
    • An RCI Weeks-affiliated resort.
    • An RCI Points Partner.
  3. Check Point values
    • Point values can be found in your RCI Points Catalog.
  4. Call
    • Call an RCI Guide at: 877-968-7476.

Canceling your reservations
Please call an RCI Guide if you need to cancel a resort or Points Partner reservation.

If you are already an RCI Points Member, to learn more about how to use your Points for reservations at RCI Points Resorts, exchange within RCI Weeks or use your Points with one of our Points Partners, just review your RCI Points Member Guide. Of course, you can always call RCI at 877-968-7476.

Saving, Borrowing, Transferring
Are you trying to plan your dream vacation, and you find that you don’t have enough Points? Simply save your Points* from this year and use them for your trip next year. Or, borrow next year’s Points to get the dream vacation you want this year. You may also transfer your Points to help another Member who wants to take their dream vacation, but doesn’t have enough Points. Please call an RCI Guide for more details. That’s the beauty of RCI Points–flexibility and variety.

*Saving Points – If you find you can’t use all of your Points this year, the RCI Points program will automatically save them into the next Use Year for a nominal fee. Points that have been saved from one Use Year to the next may not be saved into a third Use Year.

How do I become an RCI Points Member? Call VRI now toll-free at 877-7POINTS (877-776-4687).

RCI Points Members can call 877-968-7476 to speak with an RCI Guide.

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