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St. Pete Beach, Florida

The Mariner Beach Club is Better Than New

In spite of a global recession, or in some ways because of it,
the Mariner Beach Club is ready to face another half century on St. Pete Beach.

by Peter A. Roos
(Excerpts from an article in the April 2010 issue of Paradise News)

Mariner Beach Club PhotoThe Mariner Beach Club at 4200 Gulf Blvd. has been a fixture on the white sand of St. Pete Beach for as long as anyone around here can remember. It was a time share resort since before 1980, and a hotel for at least 20 years before that.

The thirty-one unit, two-story resort occupies an enviable location that has been enjoyed by sun, sand and surf worshippers for over five decades. All that exposure to the salt air took its toll on the building, and by the summer of 2009, it seriously needed major work. "The electrical and plumbing components had deteriorated to the point that a major investment in the property’s infrastructure was a necessity, not a luxury," said General Manager Margaret Parker.

The Mariner Beach Club is now ready for another half of a century, thanks to a Herculean effort on the part of all concerned. A timeshare resort for the last three decades, the property is owned by 879 "fractional owners", each of whom owns the privilege of staying at the resort for a week or more each year. Major decisions about the resort are handled by a volunteer board of directors, elected annually by the owners. Management is handled by the local General Manager, overseen by a management company, Vacation Resorts International, through its Regional Director, Jeff Wharton. "I'm extremely proud of the general manager and the Board of Directors of the Mariner Beach Club for the way they approached and accomplished the challenges they faced just a year ago", said Wharton.

In just 20 weeks elapsed time, contractors gutted the resort to the shell and rebuilt it to be even better than new. All parties are singing praises about the general contractor, designer and all of the subcontractors involved in the renovation, and asked Paradise NEWS to share this story with our readers. Please click here to read the entire article.

The General Contractor selected for the project was Wilson Kehoe Miller Corporation headquartered at 1496 Donegan Road, Largo, Fl 33771. Marty Kehoe headed the redevelopment team. The Mariner Beach Club Project was a complete renovation. Due to the amount and scope of work, vacationers were relocated for 18 weeks to allow for demolition and reconstruction of their prized investment. While the project started out primarily as an exterior renovation, by the end of the brief project the entire site, including the interiors, were completely reborn.

BillerReinhart provided structural engineering services for the restoration of this timeshare resort on St. Pete Beach, which includes two, 2-story buildings plus one single unit building, for a total of 31 units. "The restoration included exterior stairs, walkways, balconies, ground level slabs, beach shelters, reinforcement of existing walls, new windows, new sliding glass doors, new doors, roof structure supplementation and other related site improvements," says Michael Biller.

"The interiors of all 31 units were gutted of appliances and flooring to allow for a complete facelift. The design team from Hospitality Resources & Design chose modern materials and colors to help give the aging units a fresh new look. All new cabinets, tile, carpet, and furniture were added along with new plumbing and electrical elements. Bathrooms received new bathtubs, toilets, and vanities for a uniform look throughout the complex" said Marty.

"The challenge with the Mariner was simply that the time frame for interior and exterior construction was not a large window of time and a lot needed to be completed quickly. Great project management from all parties involved insured the success of this project. It was a fun project and team to be part of and the Mariner Beach Club is now open and ready for many more years of fun vacations for their owners" said Mary Daust.

Exterior PhotoWe have weeks available for sale at the moment at many different times of the year priced from $3,000 for a one-bedroom to $3,500 for a two-bedroom suite. Some owners also have weeks they are looking to sell privately.

Visitors can also rent units by the week at the resort. Suites can be rented for a fraction of the cost of guest rooms at the better hotels on the beach. From May 1st to December 31st you can stay in a 1-bedroom Gulf Front Suite for $1,050, 2-bedroom from $1,250 (just $150-$200/night). January through April, rates are about 20% more. In season, from Jan1-April 30, prices go up about 20%. For sales and rental information call Margaret Parker at (727) 367-3721 or toll free 1-866-469-8222.

If you know of someone headed to the beach this summer, have them check out the Mariner Beach Club. This brand new facility is sure to please.